Rams Parrots


Minority-Owned Whiskey Brand Sell Out

In 2016, four recently formed entrepreneurs, (three from West Baltimore) decided to unite and dive into the liquor industry. Three years later, they officially have their product debut in a store located in West Baltimore County. Within hours of Security Liquors opening, all “Rams & Parrots Whiskey” had sold out. Sixty-Five bottles to be exact had sold after the founders

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Whiskey Pre-Launch Grassroots Promo


The Rams and Parrots Pre-Launch Seminar

The Rams and Parrots Pre-Launch Seminar next Sunday NOV 5th. Get a chance to hear our Story, how and why we entered into the Whiskey/Bourbon industry, our value proposition to our customers and how you can play a role in this amazing new start-up. Lite Refreshments to be served. Can’t wait to see you there!