The Story Behind Rams and Parrots

More than 30 years ago, in the heart of West Baltimore, the lives of three childhood friends were being shaped towards a future of success amongst the ever-present temptations and pitfalls that young inner-city males must face. Rod, Regg and Will were each raised by single-mothers and grandmothers who taught them the importance of education, appreciation for arts, community involvement, sports and more, which helped open their minds up to opportunities inside Baltimore and beyond. These ideals created a framework for their entrepreneurial spirit as well as a yearning to travel and meet people of many places and backgrounds.

Their travels introduced each of them to new places, new ideas, and new appreciations for diverse qualities in people. Rod routinely found himself visiting extended family in the remoter parts of North Carolina. It was here, in the backwoods and open country during a family cookout that he was first introduced to what some of his cousins called: “Holy Water”.  Amidst laughter and friendly conversation, under the sun’s sweltering heat, these first sips of this crystal clear liquid served in a jar would eventually become the inspiration for what is Rams & Parrots Bourbon.
The “Holy Water” that Rod’s family enjoyed was served as a special punch, called “Dot Dot’s Punch”, named after one of his grandmothers who made the punch popular. It was in this concoction that Rod began to observe the social qualities that a drink can impart. Years later, when the concept for Rams & Parrots was being shaped, it was a chance encounter with Jon, who hails as master distiller, the group created their signature recipe. The early experiences of the North Carolina country and the Westside of Baltimore that came together to form one unified idea. This unity is proof of our social nature as human beings, and is the driving force behind Rams and parrots. Welcome to the bourbon that brings people together.

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